juni 21, 2024

Visit to Gumlink Inspiratorium

October, 22 we visited the Gumlink Inspiratorium. This historical exhibition was especially opened for us and we got a warm welcome. A wide range of products are displayed in combination with company highlights and other memorabilia like posters, commercials, the founder’s desk, and vending machines. Even one panel mentioned the special relations of Stimorol to the Netherlands. The holidays in Denmark resulted in 158 new items in the collection.

Visit Gumlink Inspiratorium 2009

Project Imaging Completed

August 2008 We started the project Imaging. During the fall, winter and spring all items (over 7000)in the collection are photographed. It was an immense job and I’m glad it’s done. Now only new items will be photographed when added to the collection.


ISM 2009 Report

Our visit to the ISM in Cologne was a succes. We are really thankfull for the support we got from the exibitioners who donated a lot of gum to our collection. Overall our collection has grown 249 pieces. Please allow us some time to administer our new items. Iamages can be found here.

Visitors from…

Just one month after publishing the rebuild of our website we are pleased to welcome visitors from all over the world. We would like to get in touch with our s=visitors from the Dominican Republic, Yemen, Burkino Faso and so one. Please feel free to contact us.

visitors 2009-02