maart 1, 2024

Exchange from Russia part 2

In October we received a second box of gums from Moscow. This box contained an additional 104 items for our collection. Especially the series Wrigley’s 5 Gum, exclusive Orbit, special Stimorol Ice and additional Dirol packets. Thanks a again Fedor! A box of gums is send in return.

2012-10 Russia

Gums from Hawaii

Hawaii, to me it sounds exotic. In October we received a very nice extension to our collection. We got a photo of a shelf with gums and we were able to send our wish list. What an effective way of selecting the gums wanted for the collection. See the photo’s below, on the left the photo of the shelf and on the right the new gums.

2012-10 Hawaii

Over the 10.000 items!

October is an extremely busy month. The collection has grown with over 225 items in this month only! Many thanks to all contributors! This month we also pass a magical barrier of 10.000 items in our collection! Wow that is a lot of gum! The number of new items in the collection this year will also be 40% higher as last year record of 877 new items. I think we can stand with our ‘slogan ‘, Serious Gum Collecting’.