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How the collection of gum packages started in about 1980

Gum Packaging

Gum packages can be found in an endless numbers of variations. This page will shows you just a few samples. During winter 08/09 i spend some time to photographing all items in my collection so more images are available.

Black Jach gum America Sticks Mandrin Mickey Gum Benbits Peppermint Gum Pellets Batook Gum Pellets
Bazooka Tutti Frutti Gum Marukawa Fusen Gum Nanem Gum Mickey Gum Malabar Gum
Sportlife Blister WK 1998 Sportlife Coolmint Blister 2 Vademecum Blister Active Gum Blister Hitschler Giraffe Blister
Blanx Gum Box Bite It Honey Lemon Gum Box Jeans BG Bubble Juicy Orange Carton Kidco Tattoo Gum
Glico Kiss Mint Stimorol Chewbag Stimorol Senses Hollywood Style Enveloppe Mentos Aqua Kiss Menthe Verte
Flow Packs
Amazon Grape Gum Black Black Flow Pack Gum Boomer Shin Chan Bubble Gum Flow Pack Hubba Bubba Glop Orange BG Jawbreaker Mammouth
Wrigley Dragon Fire Gum Tin Wrigley Gum tin Altoids Peppermint Gum Tin Amurol Ouch Gum Tin X-It gum Tin
Airwaves Gum Jar Bubble Cola Lemon Gum Ball Jar Bubble Rubble Strawberry Jar Hitschler FruchteChew Jar Jin Hai Bao Light Gum Banana
Air Freeze Cassis Bag Gumlink Demo Bag Day Gum Reusable Bag Freh Life Reusable Bag Hema Reusable bag Chewing Gum
Akas Comics Gum Roll Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape Fancy Fruit Kilometric Gum Roll Jojo Gum Tape Apple Gum Printer
Amurol Fresh Sqeezed Strawberry Gum Tube Bungee Gum Tube Jake Tooby Tubo De Jong Power Ranger Tube Clay Soda Soda Tube
Fiesta Gum pop Banana Dracula Gum Pop Amor Gum Pop Dubble Bubble um Pop Orange Chupa Chups Bubbly pop
Sugar Dam Bailarina Gum Toy Candy Express Mixer Bubble Gum Bathroom Buddies Gum Toy Bibi Gum Machine Gum Machine
Vero Fieldson Saxofone Dubble Bubble Pro Ball Bingo Game Gum Watch Aqua Bubble Tongue
Chick-N-Leg Flower Fan Vero Candy Invader Chew That Gum CD Littlest Pet Shop Gumdisk