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How the collection of gum packages started in about 1980



Caries Protection Symbol Toothfriendly Tested Symbol Do you know somebody who collects stamps or coins?
Probably you do, but do you know someone who collects chewing gum and bubble gum? Let me introduce myself to you. My name is Rob Schipper. Since about 1980 I'm a gum collector.


The intensions of this website are to double the number of gums in my collection an to be a portal-site for collectors and other interested people. Maybe even some people in the Chewing and Bubble Gum Business are interested. Please let me know!

This is the way the collection started:

Collection in november 2009:

Dutchgum Collection 2009
The start of my collection was slow. I just started to pile up some 8 or 10 packets of gum. Then I was wondering how height this pile of gum could be with different brands of gum. The first years the collection grew with 80-100 packets per year. The image on the right will give you an impression of this 'starters' pile. Some letters to manufactures gave a boost to the collection. From about 1995 on my collection is growing with 300-500 packets a year. In 2004, 2007,2009 and 2010 I visited the ISM in Cologne, Germany. With a minimum of 250-300 new items each ISM the collection grown enormous. If your company can help me to extent my collection please contact me. I hope to continue collecting gum for years.


Please feel free to contact me (preferable by email):


webmaster [at] dutchgum [dot] nl

Akelei 13
3621 RA Breukelen
The Netherland

Phone +31 (0) 6 1969 4253

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